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Best Sports Apps For iPhone

If you are a sports freak and own an iPhone, you no longer have to wait for a PC or a television access to remain updated about favorite sports. In this article, we give you the best sports apps available for iPhone.

1. NBA Game Time
This is the official app from NBA. The app gives you game notes, scores, live streaming, stats, latest scores and game highlights. There is a video room to watch match replays and featured NBA TV content.

2. ESPN Score Center
You can access the stats and scores of every major game worldwide. Sport fans can have a complete access to latest match news, video highlights, match commentary and match replays. 

3. Yahoo! Fantasy Football
This is a must have app for football crazies. You can log in anytime and check team scores. You can check upcoming matches, match scores and live updates. 

4. Golf GPS
If you are a golf lover, you will enjoy this app very much. You have access to about 35,000 courses and 40 professional targets to keep you busy throughout the day. 

5. Score Mobile
This app is popularly known as the “virtual encyclopedia” of gaming scores. If you want to check out the past and latest scores of MLB, NBA, NFL and college games, this is the app to install. Apart from scores, you can NASCAR, professional tennis highlights, match stats and game highlights.

If you are interested in martial arts, the UFC.TV iPhone app is the one to download and install. You can order live streaming of matches and watch it on your iPhone. You can also chat with other fans and there are free knockout videos for all app users. There is also a fights on-demand tab accessible from their video library.

7. Watch ESPN
Barring ESPN NEWS and ESPN Classic, all other channels under ESPN TV are synced with this spectacular app. You can watch games live or the recorded ones later on. However, you need to have a cable TV subscription to use this app. 

8. Red Ripe Media’s Pro Football Radio & Live Scores
If you are always on the move, checking out football apps might seem time consuming, especially if the Internet speed is low. To counter this, you have Red Ripe Media’s radio-based app which will give you match commentary via radio. Just plug in the lead and start listening. 

9. Full Count
The app is developed in partnership with Yahoo! Sports. This is the app for basketball lovers. The app will give you access to live and recorded games. You can check out upcoming games, seasonal games and current match progress. You also have a gallery to check out recorded games.

10. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a Mobi TV App
If you are an UFC enthusiast, you will love this app. The app gives you live access to weigh-in events. The “Live Fight” page loads and syncs amazingly. You can watch scorecard and player profiles. 

11. USA Today
The largest newspaper in the USA, the USA Today has release the app for sport lovers on iPhone models. The app will give you sports related breaking news and latest headlines from all over the world. You can view live scores and major sports updates. 
Some of these iPhone apps are paid and some are free. We didn’t mention the free or paid status because it might change in future. Nonetheless, take a look at the above apps again and remain updated about your favorite sport

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