Indian Electric Car E2O Launched By Mahindra

Mahindra launched today ehir first electric car E2O, which price at 5.96INR. Group also said it has plans to extend the electric mobility technology.
"The launch of the Mahindra e2o marks an important milestone for the Mahindra advances the group's efforts at redefining sustainable urbanisation with the creation of an ecosystem that includes mobility solutions along with other environment friendly innovations," Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra told reporters here.

This car has 4 seater which is powered by new generation lithium ion batteries and a three phase induction electric motor. It takes 100kms per charge and takes 5hrs for full charging. This car also have feature like GPS navigation system, key-less entry, star stop button, regenerative braking features which puts energy back into the car's batteries and charges them every time it is slowed down or brakes are applied.

e2o stands for energy of the sun which is abundant and clean. The 2 pronounced as to signifies the connected technologies in the car, while 'O', represents Oxygen. Its include Drum at rear brakes and Disc in Front Brakes features. Engine power has Power [email protected] 3750 rpm and Torque 53 Nm @ 3400 rpm, Steering type EPS

e20 has been developed on technology by Reva, First indian all electric car by launched by REva Electric Company came years ago. Now company is the part of Mahindra group had acquired in May 2010.

Price: 5.96INR

Source: Gaadi

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