Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - First Look Review

All eyes are on the Mobile World Congress event happening at Barcelona in the coming week. More than anything, tech enthusiasts are waiting to see, hear and watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in action. Pictures and details have been doing the rounds on the internet. Some are considered to be from an actual user of the phone, others from a brochure. Either way, there is a device. Of that we’re sure. 
The speculation that Samsung will unveil a device gains strength when you recall that the company debuted its Galaxy Note 10.1 with S-Pen at the event last year. So there’s a reason why eyes are peeled on the city. 
In terms of technical details, we are given to understand that the device has 2 GB RAM and a 1.6GHz quad core processor. The Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t vary too much from the Galaxy Note II, from what we can see. It has the same rounded-edges, rectangular shape and an 8-inch display. There is a home button at the bottom of the massive screen, accompanied by what likes to be a multitasking button and a back button.  Two cameras make an appearance, though we’re unable to tell if the rear camera actually has a flash. The front camera has a 1.3 megapixel capacity, while the rear one is a 5 megapixel one. The massive screen boasts a 1280X800 display.  
What’s the Samsung device without the S Pen? Sure enough, there’s a holster to carry your pen with you, at the back, bottom right of the device. The S Pen will be interesting to observe because in its previous avatars, it did lot more than function as a mere stylus, pulling up video timelines etc when you hovered over one with it. 
Speaking of videos, there is a pop-up play option here that lets your video run even as you move the window around the device or change the size of the window depending on your requirement. This helps you continue to do whatever you want to do-work, browse, type documents- on your device. 
Staying with different windows, the pictures we’re seeing online also seem to suggest that Samsung has done something new- different apps have different windows.  That means you have a series of almost movable parts, akin to a desktop operating system where you can have multiple windows open at the same time; pretty cool, indeed. 
No, this isn’t a new idea come to think of it. Both the Note 10.1 and the Note 2 had a split screen option but that was for apps that went together; your email and the chat window therein. This version seems to be a lot more elastic and flexible. 
 A lot has been written about the S Pen ever since its debut. The stylus seemed like a redundant, old fashioned notion till Samsung brought it back. Now it looks like the company wants people to embrace the idea that they need a writing implement. Come to think of it, it is nice to have an option that brings together the touch-friendly interface along with the pen-use for editing and notes and annotations. And anyway, if you don’t want it, you always have an option of leaving the S Pen tucked into your device. It is nice to have an additional option. 
The 8” screen has been discussed too. While the large size has obvious advantages vis-à-vis media and enjoying videos, movies and songs, it would be rather ridiculous holding it up to your ear to talk. But then you always have a choice of investing in the Wi-Fi only model. In the leaked pictures, there is a telephone tab on the screen that has caused a lot of debate but we really wonder if Samsung would sell the Galaxy Note 8 has a phone and not a phablet. 
We’ll have our answers in a few days.

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