Microsoft Poked On Google - Don't Get 'SCROOGLED' Use

Microsoft Poked On Google - Don't Get "SCROOGLED" Use 

Microsoft is directly poked on Google Outlook mail service. In the video shown Microsoft warns that Gmail reads through emails to create their Advertiser ads.  Google cross the line through in every email word to and from every one. 

You get SCROOGLED when your privacy get spread. Google use your email for sell ads. Microsoft said tell Google to stop going through personal email to sell ads. prioritizes your privacy. 

The email service doesn't look at the content of your email to sell ads. Your email is not like business but Google makes it their business. only scans the contents of your email to help protect you and display, categorize, and sort your mail appropriately. Just like the postal service sorts and scans mail and packages for dangerous explosives and biohazards, scans your mail to help prevent spam, gray mail, phishing scams, viruses, malware, and other dangers and annoyances.

Microsoft shown some examples that how Gmail use our email to sell ads. Microsoft clear here about this case is different and they don't go through your email to sell ads.

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