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    5th Feb 2013- Celebrated As Safer Internet Day (SID)

    Safer Internet Day (SID) organize by Insafe and its celebrate in many countries. Today we celebrate 10th edition of event. Theme for the day is 'Online rights and responsibilities', when we will encourage users to 'Connect with respect'. This event is launch for specially children to protect online.

    Communicating online
        The majority of 7-11s (86%) use some form of online communication tool
        96% of young people age 11-19 use some form of online communication tool


    Offensive material

        27% of 7-11s and 41% of 11-19s came into contact with something online in the last twelve months that they deemed to be hurtful or unpleasant – including scary videos, pictures and chainmail; ‘rude’ things and swearing; violent films or games
        31% of 7-11s and 23% of 11-19s cited gossip or mean comments being shared online as something that stopped them enjoying their time online

    Feeling safe online

        This is the most important internet right for over half (57%) of the primary age group and nearly two-thirds (63%) of secondary age pupils
        58% of 7-11s and 74% of 11-19s using social networks said they changed their privacy settings from the default settings
        Over 4 in 10 (42%) primary age social network users and almost 1 in 10 (9%) secondary age social network users were not sure if they had changed the settings or didn’t know how to
        36% of 7-11s and 24% of 11-19s said they have reported something online

    Support networks

        32% of 7-11s and over half (53%) of 11-19s would tell a friend if something upset or worried them online
        Four-fifths (79%) of 7-11s and two thirds (66%) of 11-19s said they would tell their parent or carer if something worried them online
        80% of 7-19s said they had been taught about staying safe online in the last year
        But over a third (35%) of 7 year olds and almost half (45%) of 16-19s say they have not been taught about staying safe online

    Safe Online Tips:

    • Always use the latest version of a good antivirus software.
    • Update your Operating System
    • Don't open email attachments unless you know the source
    • Create password atleast 8 characters and use space bar in password, It should be combine upper and lower case letter. Its hard to find.
    • Don't use same password for other accounts.
    • Send credit card information only to secure sites, mostly bank websites are use https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) so always check it.

    Cyber attack is also increase day by day. Just latest spying on The New York Times and Wall Street Journal by Chinese Hackers and Twitter account 250,000 get hacked

    You can also watch live cyber attack on honeycloud.net

    Join twitter conservation with tag keyword #SID2013

    Source: Saferinternet , btlife.bt.com

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