Top 7 Android Apps To Edit Photo

Here is a list of some fantastic photo editing apps for your Android. There is a good mix of apps that help you to edit photos, apps to help you clear up photos, apps to help you add effects to your photos, and even apps that allow you to add funny comment boxes into your photos. Most of them also have some form of sharing function which will help you to publish your images on social media,
or disseminate them through your emailing system. The list is in no particular order because each app has its own charms, as each one has different tools, functions, pros and cons.

This app allows you to edit different images on your Android mobile phone and best of all it is free to use and download. When you are using this app you can add text to your photos and edit the position of the text--as well as the font and the size. You can also add different effects and borders to your photograph including hats and glasses. Plus, you can add different effects such as sepia and black and white. Once you have edited your picture you can save it and share it via Bluetooth or upload it to different social network sites such as Facebook.  

Diptic is a great app for you if want to create a collage of different images from your gallery--without having to take a photograph of the people you want to place all together. You may simply select the images of the people you want in your picture and arrange them on the page. You can also add many different effects to make your picture stand out. With this app you can change the brightness and contrast of the photos and you can send them via email, as well as upload them to Facebook. 

Pixlr-o-matic is a photograph editing app you can get for your Android mobile phone and can be downloaded from Google play. This app gives you the chance and opportunity to edit your photographs using different effects, borders and overlays. When you have edited your picture you have the chance to save it in different sizes and you can upload them straight to Facebook. 
When you open this app you can choose a picture from your gallery or take a photo there and then for you to edit. There are many different effects you can use such as text, emotions and different borders for you to customize your pictures.

Camera 360
Camera 360 is a free app allows you to edit your pictures straight from your gallery or take a photo straight from this app. you may also use the timer setting so you can take a group photo. With this app you can edit your chosen photo and you can change the size or your photo, adjust the picture quality, and you can add emotions and text to your picture. You may change the color and font of the text. This app automatically organizes your edited photos by date, name or size so that you know where they all are.

Photoshop Express
Photoshop Express is a free Android app which lets you edit your images and is quick and easy to use on your Android Smartphone. With this app you can crop, rotate, add emoticons, and tint all your pictures easily and quickly. You can edit your pictures directly from your gallery or take a photo and direct it straight to the app. When using this app you will not have to start the editing progress again if you make a mistake, as there is an undo button which allows you to undo the last few things you did to your picture. 

TouchReTouch is a free app that can be downloaded for your Android mobile phone so that you can edit and remove things from your images and photographs. When you use this app you can remove unwanted bits from your photographs that spoil them--this means that you won't have to try and capture the same photograph again. This app uses an air brush function to cover up the unwanted things in your pictures so you don't see them. You can also remove wires and cables from your images with a touch of a button. Thus app is easy to use and gives you the chance to undo things that you did wrong on your picture.

Little Photo
This app is a free app for your Android mobile phone and lets you add a vintage effect to your photos and images. This is a good app if you enjoy making your images look older as you can make the picture look aged, dirty. You can also add normal effects to your images such as emotions. If you buy the paid version you have many more effects to choose from, and you can also change the brightness and the contrast of the image.

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