Sony Announces Tablet Xperia Z 10.1 inch Waterproof Android Tablet

Sony Introduce Xperia 10.1 inch Tablet Z, which is thinner than iPad Mini. Its full HD resolution with 1080 Pixel and 8.1 mega Pixel Camera. 

Its processor running on Quad core Qualcomm APQ8064, 2GB RAM, 32GB Of storage. It's has light weight body 495gm. Xperia Tablet Z is a tablet while having a waterproof and dust proof performance. 

Its based on 4.1 Android OS. This product represent to high brightness and high definition video.

According to report its thicker than iPad mini just 6.9 mm thick. Also its NFC and LTE support and colors will be available in black and white. Its sound quality S-Force front surround 3D. At present its only available in Japan market. Overall according to their specification it is a good product of Sony, now lets see how it grow in the market.

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