How Sound Works in Project Glass by Google?

There have been talks about how the Project Glass doesn’t have ear-component. This has created a lot of interest in trying to find out how sound works in the device. The prototype already shows that Project Glass doesn't have any port for plugging in earphones. The only port on the device is the charging point.
This is how the device produces sound-

1. The Headset Produces The Sound
Those who have used the product have said the headset or the glass like device that you have to wear will produce the sound. There is thus a speaker hidden in the device, but it is not visible outside. There is no control panel for sound and the audio as many has complained is really low.

2. Small Speaker At The Back Of The Device
Those who are lucky enough to use it said that Project Glass has speakers at the back from where the sound is streamed. The device is worn like glasses. Unlike normal glasses, the device continues at the back of the ear and reaches the mastoid process, which is located behind your ears. Project Glass has the audio port in this region.

3. The Device Plays The Sound Directly Into The Mastoid Process
Project Glass plays the sound directly into the mastoid region. This region is connected to the middle ear, which is the area where we hear clearly. This helps it to stream sound at a low volume.

4. The Audio Is Low But You Can Clearly Hear It
The audio produced by Project Glass has low audio such that the audio can be only heard by you and not those around. When you get a notification in a quiet room, you are the only one to hear it. This is because the mastoid process carries the sound to the middle ear and this makes you hear the audio clearly.

5. Noise Cancelling Microphone And Ear Speakers
Project Google allows you to hear clearly and talk without shouting by using noise cancelling microphone and ear speakers. The device is such that you can listen to music or talk while commuting, but it doesn't cut down the sound of the surrounding completely. However, it is not the best device to listen to music on or talk on if you are in a very busy noisy street.
The device may not have very good audio, but it is a good way to go hands-free. If you avoid using it in very noisy places you will do fine. You cannot compare it to your headphones where you listen to music. Some headphones leak sound and this device doesn’t. The audio is sufficient for you to navigate the notifications and give instructions to the device. You have to give credit to Google for creating a device with emerging optical technology that has an audio system whereby the audio produced on a device without ear component cannot be heard by those sitting right in front of you. Moreover, this is just the prototype, Google is sure to make further improvements.

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