Angry Birds Space Updated 30 New levels With Splash Galaxy

Angry Birds Space Update New 30 levels in their Space wars Game Splash Galaxy episode called Pig Dipper.. Updated version is available on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones. 

In new version all the planets are filled with water also its added new powers Flock of Birds, Space egg and Pig Puffer. You can also use Flock of Birds for a pack of destruction,
Use space Egg to create black holes and Pig puffer powerup help to expand  the pigs in updated version

  • Hidden Bonus Levels
  • Make a splash in 30 NEW LEVELS!
  • Get ready for the ultimate underwater boss level!
  • Three-star levels for 3 new bonus levels!
  • Use Flock of Birds for a pack of destruction!
  • Create black holes with Space Egg!
  • Expand the pigs with Pig Puffer!
  • Check back daily for a free power-up!
  • Power-up specific leaderboards in addition to regular leaderboards!
  • Brand New Birds and New Super powers
  • Zero gravity Space Adventures

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