Analyze Your Facebook Data Report From Wolfram Alpha Tool

Now Analytic and generate Your Personal Data Of Facebook With Wolfram Alpha's new tool, you just connect with your Facebook account and get unique, personalized information on your social data. Analyse your social network with colorful visualization. we can see data as visualization that highlights friends which based on the way into your network.
Company Blog said, "Wolfram Alpha has tons of data about the real world. And we can now combine that data with your Facebook profile to tell you interesting things you might not otherwise know. For example, by analyzing your friends' locations, we can now give even more detail about their geographical relationships to you (based on either hometown or current location). We can show your most "geographical interesting" friends, like who is closest to the North Pole or the equator, who is the farthest away from you, and even who has the highest or lowest elevation"..


  • Clustering Of your friends
  • Tracking Your friends
  • Network Global Search
  • How popular are your friends?
  • When do you use Facebook
  • Where are your Friends at in life?
  • Your Friends network structure
  • Your most popular photos
Also they improve some existing features like weekly app activity pod, word cloud, which shows the most common English words in your wall post.  
Company also has announced, Facebook Historical Analytic  this work periodically collecting information to be show you a historical analysis like your friends got married, moved new city and more get email to show historical analysis.

Analyze your Facebook Data report on Wolfram Alpha

Source: Wolfram Blog

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