LG Google TV Will Come With New Sizes And Features In 2013

LG Google TV Will Come With New Sizes And Features In 2013. LG came with Google TV in 2012, now in 2013 it comes with new sizes 42, 47, 50, 55 which update with latest software Google TV 3.0 mounted voice search features and more.. This feature is allow users to simply say a magic remote control, broadcasting on channel, a website. LG apps and show you only the screen broadcast and give me a smart home (initialization) also reshuffled.
Weather, news, etc., showing separately the information life looking for ' my interest (My Interest) ' function. In particular, the economy, sports, culture, etc., specify only the news you want to view by category. Wheel and speech recognition, gesture command feature, QWERTY (QWERTY)-Magic remote control also the strengths of Google TV is LG only.
LG has already released World's Largest New OLED HDTV in Consumer Electric Show (CES).

Source: LG

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