Firefox has launched Facebook Messenger While You Browse

Firefox has launched Facebook messenger addon Firefox officially announced. Firefox is the Web browser of choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide and as social sites have become a key part of people’s online lives, we want to make it easier to use the Web the way you want. People visit social sites throughout the day to chat with friends and get real time updates about new activity. In fact, most people online visit social sites to account for about 20% of all time spent online worldwide. 

Its a new feature to keep up with your friends wherever you go on the web and you can chat of any page while you browse you can get notified right away. To use this feature you need to download the latest version of Firefox, When its installed users need to click Turn On button for Firefox, Once its turned on you will see to chat right on your browser. this messenger works on friend requests, photo tags and new comments from the Firefox toolbar. This is built on a new Social API for the web.

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