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The first ever phone to enter the market with the chipset of S4 pro is the LG Optimus G E973 and it is a great feel to have this phone with us. The reason behind this is, even a single traits core performance is great to have and the processor will be really fast. Just imagine the speed you can get from the group of 4 cores combined together in this LG Optimus G E973. So, the LG Optimus G E973 is better known for its speed and performance when being compared to the smart phones that are competing with this particular mobile model.

Major Features of Lg Optimus G E973.

It is a well known fact that speeds and performance is the major advantage of this mobile. Listed below are some other major features of LG Optimus G E973,
-    LG Optimus G E973 supports 3rd generation band, which is shortly called as 3G.
-    The screen is larger enough to be competing with other smart phones. With the screen size of 4.7 inches, it gives a better view for even the older people.
-    The built – in android version 4.0 OS helps you to have access to the wide range of applications and games that are developed to run in that platform.
-    The 1.5 Giga Hz quad core processor lets you access all the files and processes at a lightning speed.
-    Camera is a real advantage of this particular model as it has a camera with maximum resolution of 13 mega pixels. It has to be noted that even iPhone 5 that is released by apple has only a camera with 8 mega pixels of resolution.
-    The camera also provides many other features like image stabilization, geo tagging and shot for time catch and so on.
-    The built - in wifi lets you to access internet from public terminals and hotspots.
-    The GPS facility will help you to travel all through the world with much ease.
-    With the internal storage of 32 Giga bytes in LG Optimus G E973, you never needed to feel for having additional storage.
-    The built – in 3.5 mm jack allows you to use the universal head phones and you can also enjoy the music on the go with the help of FM radio that provides stereo output.

Challenges of Lg Optimus G E973
As a coin has two sides of it, each and every thing in this universe has advantages as well as challenges. Given below are the few challenges of this LG Optimus G E973,
•    The smart phone does not provide a micro SD slot with which additional storage can be attained.
•    The Jelly bean, which is a kick start for this mobile phone is not available in launch.
•    Even though the mobile phone has a camera with resolution of 13 mega pixels, it is not too better when being compared to the other competitors with the camera resolution of just 8 mega pixels.

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