6 Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Here are six cool and fun gadgets that you can use in your kitchen. They are commercially available online in America, and can even be found in a few stores (if you are lucky). The list is in order of how fun, cool and useful the gadget it. Number one on the list is the coolest, most original, most useful and overall best kitchen gadget. Number six is still a good gadget, but does not compare favorably to the ones above it in the list. All of the items can be bought cheaply, especially when you compare their prices to their potential counterparts. 

1 - Elevate Kitchen Utensils

These bad boys go at the top of the list because they are the simplest--yet most brilliant kitchen utensil you are going to find on the market. They are kitchen utensils such as spoons and strainers, but their handles have a little step on them and they are weighted at the end. This means that when you put them down on a work surface, the metal or plastic heads will not touch the dirty work surface. In short this means that you will not have to keep putting your utensils down, and wash them before you can use them again. 
It also means that you do not have to keep balancing your utensils on the edge of your work surface, or leave them in pots. You can put them down anywhere and the integrated utensil rest will stop them getting dirty. Sure they take a little getting used to, but you are going to wonder why it has taken thousands of years of human evolution for us to invent such a simple yet effective device.

2 - Kitchen Bull

It is always good when people make useful tools that are also good to look at. The Kitchen Bull is just that. It is a wood carved item that you need to place in an area that is not going to get it too wet or too dirty (keep it away from the sink). This ornamental item acts as a bookshelf for your cooking books. It has no top, so your books can be as tall or big as you like. It also comes with a cheese board you can pull out (you can use it as a chopping board too). 
It also has a very nice knife block, not to mention the fact that it looks lovely. This is the most expensive item on the list, but it is made to a high degree of workmanship. It is not a light and flimsy article. It will also not break easily, and does not have untreated wood sections that are liable to rot. If it suit’s the décor of your kitchen then it is worth the money.

3 - Mono Apple Slicer

This is a tool that you see your friends have and you want one, or it is a device that you are bought for Christmas, use a few times, and then forget about. It is a single piece of circular metal. You place it on top of an apple and then twist it. The clever design of the manipulated metal will allow you to cut the apple into slices one way, and hold it together so you can slice it the other way too (if you wish to).

4 - Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

This is a knife sharpener with a fun difference; it is a box that you run your knife through. The hard elements inside will abrasively sharpen your knife. The fun thing however is the fact that the box is in the shape of a magic act trick. When you move the knife back and forth, it looks like you are cutting a person in half, using the old “person in a box” routine.

5 - Gravity Activated Salt and Pepper Grinder

Grinding your salt and pepper is not a hassle, but you will wonder why you ever did it if you buy this gadget. It is an automatic salt and pepper grinder, but there is no need to press a button to make it grind (what is this, the middle ages?), all you need to do is tilt it to forty-five degrees. At an angle it will grind your salt, or pepper, as you desire, as you hold it over your plate of food. This is great if you use rechargeable batteries. If it were not for the inconvenience of having to change the batteries, this item may have ranked higher up the list.

6 - Rösle Multi Chopper

This is a little like an electric chopper/blender, but works by you turning the handle. It is more convenient than getting out and plugging in a bigger version, but is not very original or fun, so it ranks as number six on this list. It can also be a hassle to clean if you do not have a dishwasher.

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