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3 Games You Can’t Do Without On Your iPad

iPad is not just about work. Download these 3 games on your iPad and use this tablet PC from Apple to its complete potential. It’s time you get your daily dose of entertainment the easy way. 
3 Games You Can’t Do Without On Your iPad
In case you are of the opinion that the iPad is all about work and no play then you are in for some serious surprise when you pay a visit to the games section that Apple has on its app store. Along with this, the fact that the iPad has some of the most advanced hardware technologies makes it all the more apt for being considered as a serious handheld portable gaming device along with all the serious work that you do.
So the next time you feel bored on a long journey or want to take a break while working on your business presentation, you can easily start up one of the games that you have on your iPad and relax. Here are the top 3 games that have been proven to be extremely popular for iPad users, rest assured you will be hooked to them:

1. Cliffed: Norm's World XL (universal)

You must remember those awesome days of arcade gaming that you use to enjoy on you’re the then gaming consoles as a child? Well, arcade gameplay is here to stay and the Cliffed: Norm's World XL (universal) game brings the same to your iPad in an extremely neat package.

The Cliffed: Norm's World XL (universal) game boasts of some of the best graphics that the iPad segment of games has ever seen and add to this the fact that it has an amazing gameplay with an immersive storyline, and you have a hit release right there in your hands. You will need to be fast, agile and alert in order to be successful at the game of Cliffed: Norm's World XL (universal) and thus you will be hooked to it!

2. Air Hockey Gold

What is the most competitive game that you and your friends indulge in when you visit a gaming arcade or something similar? Most people will answer that Air Hockey is there favorite game when it comes to competition with their friends. Now think about the great entertainment quotient of the fact that you can have access to that game on your iPad itself without needing to go to the gaming arcade. The fact that the Air Hockey Gold game comes with a single player mode and a two player mode where you and your friend can have a multiplayer setup makes it all the more attractive!

3. Compression HD

This game is a perfect hybrid of the Tetris game along with some high level graphics and an even more interesting setup to boast of. All you will need to do is to align the colored boxes in lines of three in order to make them disappear. In case you fail to do so, the boxes will collect and reach the top of the screen and that will be ‘game over’ for you!

These 3 games on the iPad will surely keep you hooked for quite some time and ensure that your job doesn’t become a monotonous activity. 

About Author:
B. Lyttle is a gaming addict and a tech geek. She’s most fond of playing truck games on her iPad and recommends that you try them at truck games 365

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