Technology And Community Giving Back

How the tech industry gives back (and how you can too)
When reading about the technology industry, one often comes across issues of corporate greed, ruthless competition, and a sole focus on gain.This image, while at times truthful, is not the whole picture. There are many charitable sides to the tech industry, including programs that facilitate growth in developing countries, other programsthat fight gender inequality, and initiatives that encourage personal and communal development. Here are three examples of the positive efforts of the tech industry:

Getting Girls Interested in Computer Science
Social media and interactive gadgetshave been embraced in classrooms across the world as a means of introducing students to Shakespeare, Einstein, and Ptolemy. Programs have also been developed to teach more specialized topics, such as computer science. As the classroom becomes more interactive, and the technology industry continues to boom, many programs are trying to addressgender inequality in the workplaceat its source—the classroom. Men dominate the technology industry, a trend that starts as early as high school when more boys choose to pursue advanced math and science courses. Girls Who Code, a summer camp based in New York, is one program that aims to change this trend. Here young girls learn the basics of HTML, web design, and app development. Participants also take day trips to the offices of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The goals of this camp, and others like it, areto not only to teach applicable skills to the young women, but also to provide them with confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that they can develop the skill to eventually enter the tech industry.
Blackberry Action Challenge
With the tagline “All you need is a dream, determination and a Blackberry”, Blackberry’s action starts here initiative is encouraging community action and development in India. One can choose between personal development categories (including travel, health, and love) and community development categories. On target to culminate on India’s Independence Day, Blackberry is asking the Indian populace to think about the world they live in and think about what they would change. The process involves making a pledge, getting support from family and friends, turning your pledge into action, and sharing your progress on social media sites – where you can get votes for a chance to win a Blackberry device. With Blackberry phones being touted as tools for action, Blackberry India is driving communal and personal change in an interactive way.
Give your Computer and Mobile Phone to Charity
So, how can you help others be more technologically savvy? You can give back to your community and help communities around the world by donating your old or used electronics to charities which refurbish them. Charities such as Camara believe that technology and education are strong forces capable of combating violence and poverty. By providing communities around the world with better education, Camara provides communities with the tools and opportunitiesto break a cycle of poverty. According to their website, 340,000 children in disadvantaged communities have become digitally literate through their work. This organization offers collection services and drop off locations and collects goods such as PCs, laptops, monitors, and keyboards. Similarly, Computer Aid International, a registered UK charity, provides professionally refurbished computers for use in essential sectors in developing communities, such as the health, agriculture and education sector. Other charities, such as the USA’s National Coalition against Domestic Violence and Shelter Alliance, take a different approach in their attempt to fight injustices at home and abroad. They collect and refurbish old mobile phones to fund their programs. You can often mail in your phone or drop it off at the local shelter.
The above examples demonstrate the kinder side of business –a side which focuses on growth, development, and equality.

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