GoDaddy Was Down By Anonymous Hacker Millions Website Got Affect

Go Daddy DNS server was down and its affects on million websites, Go Daddy main domain name and most websites hosted by godaddy are also down. Anonymous hacker take responsibility for it and after attack on GoDaddy. Claim Twitter name @AnonymousOwn3r.  whereas GoDaddy get DDOS attack, "Attack was began from 10am Pacific time, and company reported on 1pm pacific time where some service had been restored". said TheRegister. 

GoDaddy phone support nameservers and DNS records also down according to report
GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said the outage began at around 1:25 pm EDT (1725 GMT). By around 5:43 pm EDT (2143 GMT), the website was back up and service was restored for the bulk of its customers. Driscoll said there was no loss of sensitive customer information such as credit card data or passwords and that the company was investigating the cause.

After Godaddy attack they got millions messages and said

At last year we already seen GoDaddy was pressured into opposing of SOPA case.

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