New Portable Solar Power Station Review

Do you imaging that you can charge your devices from solar system, today we give review about portable solar system. Its a high powered, portable solar power station that charges all your gadgets directly from the sun with outlet speeds. This solar system are packed into custom designing bag. which is more comfortable to handle it. You can easily set up your portable solar system and get easy recharged by solar system. Sun volt device can recharge any device of 5.5V, we can charge any device like smartphones, iPhone, tablet, digital cameras, Bluetooth accessories, ipods. This technology developed by Don Cayelli and give a video review about this device.

A custom designed carrying case which is light, stylish, and functional, enables the system to be highly portable. When charging is complete, the panel quickly and safely stores for future use. Also we can get lifetime warranty of this product, we can use this device anywhere like swimming pool, picnics pot and more rural areas. Its design starts with quality of material with  high quality, 1680 densely stitched Ballistic Nylon, which provides a durable and water resistant surface to the pack. This device pack easily in the bag as you seen in the picture. 

 By this product we can charge multiple devices as simultaneously. There has two available charging ports for 10W and three charging ports for 15W. " You can use high capacity lithium polymer batteries with the SunVolt to not only charge your devices, but also store any excess energy for use later when conditions change (like when the sun goes down or clouds roll in).  Simply plug the SunVolt into the charging input port of the battery pack and your gadget into the DC output and not a drop of the sun’s energy will go to waste.  This could be a good option for users' devices that may need a boost of power during non-daylight hours."

Source: Kickstarter

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