Introducing Android Robotic Toy Bero Control By Your Smartphone

A new multimotor robot with sound which controlled by an open source android smartphone and tablets. The initial design inspiration for BERO came from the Google Bug Droid, 
This Android Robot "Bero" will start shipping in Nov 2013 and also plans in work in future for Twitter and Mp3 functionality. This project currently launched on Kickstarter, and Bero not be compatible with Nokia and blackberry smartphone devices because there is no App source code written for these smartphones. At this moment this robot working for Bluetooth with iOS and it will only be compatible with Android smartphone.  

The internal speaker on BERO will also be able to function as a  Bluetooth™ speaker, so music can be streamed from the smartphone and played out of BERO. The battery life with continuous driving around and full animations is about 1h to 2h. With normal use the battery life is about 3h-5h. Development of the Be The Robot™ Project will be Open Sourced!

  • This robot control by smartphones to driving around motion control with left and right track drive, Head motion plus LED eye control analog position sensor for the head and arms motion control
  • SD Card and Micro USB for storing sound, motion files and for recharging battery.
  • Side waist motion and LED eyes which shows a great dance moves.
  • Optcial navigation system which detect most obstacles and navigate around them
  • light up headphones programmed or triggered by sound.
  • Expertly engineered has designed to be hackable with self contained gearboxes
  • Loud on board speaker to play music and voice during dancing.
  • Animation to sound and music for automatic dancing and motions  
 Source: Kickstarter

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