Check Out Sony's New Xperia Tablet Review

Check out Sony's new Xperia tablet, Nothing stays secret in the competitive world of tablets. Especially when you’re a leading player like Sony, everything you do and even conceptualize is eagerly anticipated and speculated upon. Sony is a big presence in the tablet market with its existing products, Tablet P and Tablet S. Tablet P is certified by PlayStation and is foldable, giving gamers a feel of the classic gaming consoles. Tablet S went through more than one change and in its latest form, delivers better battery life, technology, cameras and storage. Both tablets have been praised by users and critics for their universal remote and comfortable and stylish design.

According to a slideshow that was to be private but has become common knowledge, Sony is coming out with the next generation of tablets to take over from the existing ones. Pictures show us a keyboard case along with the usual carrying case and both can be set up to Xperia dimensions. This means, easy use. We are given to understand that the aluminium coated tablet can bounce back from nasty splashes and spillages.
The unique paper fan formation that we saw in Tablet S is seen here too but it’s down to 11.85 mm, which is about 42% slimmer. The device will work on Android 4.0 and will have a 1280X800 resolution in a 9.4 inch screen. There’s a much improved camera at 8 megapixels and a smaller 1 megapixel camera in the frontand a battery of 6000 mAh for up to 10 hours of net use. You can choose between 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB for storage in its quad-core Intel Tegra 3 processor CPU. This CPU can work 5 times better than the previous versions. The tablet comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.
We are also going to see headphone compatibility, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscopes, SD card slot and up to three USB ports. There are rumors that users can opt for a keyboard if they so choose, a USB cable being provided for this very purpose.
Sony is capitalizing on its own gaming and multimedia experience and the new tablet has inbuilt DLNA streaming, PlayStation Certification and a docking station with integrated speakers. No, there’s no HDMI but you can opt for a HDMI dongle.
With the new Sony Xperia tablet, you have a cool Guest mode where if others want to use your tablet, they can but they will only have limited access to data and apps and no access to Ice Cream sandwich. The company is also falling back on its technology, TrueBlack for better color clarity and lesser glare.
Depending on the storage you are looking for, prices can vary from about $500 to about $650. Final tallies may also depend on the material of the carry case and peripherals that might be needed.
The entire look and feel of the tablet is smooth and light and aesthetic and it looks like a great blend of technology and design. Put this on your Christmas shopping list!

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