Windows 8: A Chance To Change The PC Forever

f you hadn’t noticed, Windows 8’s consumer preview has stirred up quite a storm over the last few months. It all began with the shockwaves surrounding 8’s departure from the Windows’ desktops of old, including saying goodbye to the famous start button. 

Windows 8 introduces Metro, an app interface that has a lot in common with tech’s real king and queen: the smartphone and tablet. The move makes it clear that Microsoft wants to revolutionize PCs by way of mobile and social technology. 

It’s hard to argue with such a risk considering the dominance of Apple’s iPhone and iPad over the last few years.

For some, Windows 8 is just another sad reminder that the PC is on its last leg. With an OS so
clearly inspired by the smartphones and tablets that are succeeding, it’s easy to be skeptical.

Frugal Dad has put together an infographic that takes a good hard look at 8’s offerings and the OS’s performance compared to Windows 7. The graphic is definitely excited by some of Windows 8’s offerings and seems to think that its success will determine the fate of the PC overall.

While it’s too early to draw any conclusions, I can safely say I’m intrigued by the PC shakeup 8 is causing. Only time will tell if that ends up putting Microsoft and the PC back on track. I’m sure Apple is wondering the exact same thing.

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