Great Careers for People Interested in Technology

If you’re the type who always has to have the latest mobile device or who codes in their spare time, then a career in technology could be a great option. Along with healthcare, information technology (IT) is one industry that will be expanding at a faster-than-average pace in the next few years, and good opportunities will abound for those with the right skills. If getting paid to create software, lead IT projects, or secure networks from hackers sounds like a great life to you, read on:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers – As the recent Facebook initial public offering attests, IT isn’t going anywhere soon. Businesses need computer and information systems managers to help them implement the IT systems necessary to grow their organization. IT managers analyze an organization’s IT needs, purchase and install systems, ensure security, and manager other IT personnel. A bachelor’s degree in management information systems can get you started in this field, but a master’s degree in required in some businesses. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in technology management is a great option for those looking to advance into management roles.
  • Network and Systems Administrators – Network and systems administrators work to install and manage wireless and local area networks (LAN) and keep computer systems up and running. They install necessary hardware and software, manage servers, and make sure that employees can connect properly. Administrators also monitor computer systems to make sure they are working correctly and train employees to use tech systems. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT is the most common way to enter this career.
  • Computer Systems Analysts – Computer systems analysts work at the intersection of business and information tech. They often work as consultants with business managers, to analyze their organization’s current information systems and technology needs. Analysts investigate ways that old technology can be suited to new uses, and ways that new technology can be applied to increase productivity. They create estimations for the cost of new IT systems and oversee their installation. A bachelor’s degree in a tech field is useful for getting started as an analyst.
  • Computer Programmers – Programmers are the professionals who turn designs and plans for software into actual coding instructions readable by computers. They may write code in a number of languages, such as C++, Haskell, and Java. They may work within businesses, to write new code and update existing programs. Others work as consultants. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is often used to learn to code, although an associate degree can be sufficient.
  • Information Security Analysts – The more sensitive information is moved to information systems, the more crucial it is to have great IT security. Information security analysts monitor computer systems for attacks, develop security standards, and install security software. Analysts also plan for the worst and create plans that address what would happen in a major security breach. A four-year degree in a computer or technical field is usually required to land a job, although some employers prefer those with master’s degrees or MBAs in tech concentrations.

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