Google Plus Has Changed In New Look

Now Google Plus comes with a new look, we can more explore with Google plus, Sharing bigger , more beautiful pictures and videos from as past look. And new feature add is Hangout, We can Hangouts with our friends and tell the story with our profile page.  Google+ Hangouts uses live video to bring people together, This new look has also improved for new chat lists. And also we can change navigation itself. 

  • You can drag apps up or down to create the order you want
  • You can hover over certain apps to reveal a set of quick actions
  • You can show or hide apps by moving them in and out of “More”
Google also noted that the social network now boasts more than 170 million users since it’s 2011 launch. Currently Google plus is continue upgrading all the features..
Video Review:

Lets see how this new look will attract of the users.. :)

Source: Google Blog

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