Apple iPad-3 will launch in Febuary 2012.

New Apple iPad-3 will launch in Febuary 2012..
As past iPad Lanched in April 2010, whereas iPad 2 Launched in March 2011.. 
As Apple yearly release their products. Its says Citi analyst Richard Gardner in a research, Apple is ready to iPad3 and it will come up in Febuary 2012.

Gardner reportly said that "several sources: told hime that Apple could launch the iPad3 as early in Febuary.
It will comes feature with retina display and a new Apple A6 Chip.
iPad3 screen will double the resolution of te iPad2, according to Gardner, Reported by Business Insider.
Gardner Says, "There do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining" to prevent a launch of a high resolution iPad.
Apple is currently the leading tablet seller worldwide, with an estimated 65% share on the market.

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