App To Measure Your Heart And Breathing Rates.

A new Philips Vital Signs Camera App to measure your Heart and Breathing rates..
Do you want to know your heart beat rates calculate by your webcam.
Now the new ipad app can measure your heart beat rate and your breathing rate remotely by using iPad2 Camera.. which is created by Philips.

Its detect your face and keep small changes in the colour. which caused by a change in blood volume in your skin blood vesels, which allows the app to calculate your heart rate. Its also calculate your chest movement which is captured by the camera and allows to your breathing rate.
This app is not free of cost.. its paid ,you have to spend only 99cents
and you pay for standard wrist-watch heart rate monitors. from App store iTune..

How it works:
your heart beat causes small changes in the colour of your face. these changes are not visible to the eye, But with this app your ipad2 camera detects these 'micro blushes' to measure your heart rate..
and for breathing movement this app measure your chest moves up and down and tracks the movement of your chest to measure your breathing rate.

Source: PCworld

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