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    New Nokia X7 review..!!

    New Nokia X7 with high-definition gaming on the massive 4” touch screen. Enjoy the very best HD games from leading publishers – all available at Nokia Store. And when it comes to music, Nokia X7 has it all. Scroll smoothly through album art and control your tracks right from the home screen with one touch of the music app.


    Touch Screen
    Nokia X7 takes smartphone design in a new direction to create something special and truly unique. The brushed stainless steel finish and distinctive lines bring a contemporary look and feel. With curved body fits perfectly in your hand while the large 4” touch screen is ideal for viewing HD videos and full web pages.

    Email and social networking
    Facebook and Twitter feeds 24/7 to keep you constantly up to date. Simply choose what’s right for you.

    Home screens
    From day one your home screen is live and always up to date. New emails and instant messages, the latest Facebook and Twitter feeds, news headlines and much more

    Free GPS navigation
    With Ovi you always know exactly what’s happening around you. Instantly find the best of everything in your city – cafes, shops, hotels and much more

    Fast browsing
    Enjoy the best the web has to offer with Adobe Flash™ videos, animations and other interactive content right on your smartphone.

    Web TV on Demand
    watch TV any time you like. On-demand Web TV gives you instant access to CNN, BBC, National Geographic and many other channels through a fast 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

    Price:  22829/-

    Source: Nokia

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