Metasploit launch New Community Edition..!!

Metasploit Community Edition includes the same network discovery, data import, and Nexpose integration as its Metasploit Pro counterpart.

The user interface is based on the Metasploit Pro workflow and the introduction of the Analysis tab in 4.1 makes slicing and dicing large networks even easier. Just like Metasploit Pro, the free Community Edition provides a simple path for identifying targets, selecting an exploit, and launching it. Sessions can be managed through the user interface and have full access to the extensive post-exploit modules built into the Metasploit Framework. Although Metasploit Community Edition isn't a replacement for Metasploit Pro by any means, its easy to use and leverages the quality-assured code base managed by the Rapid7 team.
Community Editioin is based on the Metasploit Framework, a combination of the basic user interface available in commercial versions. Using penetration testing exploit basic, GUI simple, that provides entry-level modules such as a browser. You can verify any exploitable vulnerabilities, that can streamline vulnerability management and data protection. Can also import third-party vulnerability scanning reports.

One of the biggest drivers for releasing Metasploit Community Edition is to address a growing gap between two types of users. Metasploit Framework users really fall into two camps: First, there are security researchers and developers who want a powerful platform to build custom tools and exploits. The console interface works great for them today and will continue to do so for years to come.

There’s another group of users though: security and IT professionals that use the Metasploit Framework to conduct security assessments and verify vulnerabilities. Even though the console is not intuitive for this group, we are seeing more people using Metasploit Framework for this purpose because it fulfills a real need to verify and remediate vulnerabilities.

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