WhatsApp Is Working To Improve Music Sharing And Larger Emojis

WhatsApp Is Working To Improve Music Sharing And Larger Emojis

The biggest messaging service has again come with new updates which will be offered soon. Last week the WhatsApp has been marked earlier this week and it seems to get much better music sharing features and larger Emojis. According to a German report, the coming features were spotted in the WhatsApp for iOS beta, just like mentions and group invite links. 

It is also thought that WhatsApp is able to share music stored locally on their devices as well as can be tracked from Apple Music. With the music update, the user can share the music with the contacts also. The recipient will see album art as well as a music icon. Presently shared ‘audio’ files do not have this functionality. Apart from this update, it is also believed that the upcoming WhatsApp update is also said to contain the ability to create public groups that are anyone with an applicable link can join a chat or the group. 

Upcoming to larger emoji - the move keep an eye on Apple's opening of larger emoji with iOS 10, and WhatsApp seems to be making for their introduction, using what's said to be the same size of emoji - three times bigger than regular ones.

Previously this month, WhatsApp established a feature that permitted users to quote messages when replying. The user wants to long press a message in any conversation to see a reply option pop up alongside star, forward, delete and copy.

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