Moto X Images Suggest An All-Metal Redesign

New Moto X Images Leaked An All-Metal Redesign

New leakages of Motorola's coming flagship smartphone Moto X have surfaced. The most recent images come to courtesy Evleaks and HelloMotoHK. The new pictures display an all-metal design, a large camera component and what looks to be speakers on the bottom of the back panel.

Motorola will be introducing the next generation of its popular Moto G series of smartphones next week, at its May 17 event in India. However, the release date of the next-generation Moto X smartphone is not known. In the meanwhile, multiple leaks have approached that reveal details and images of the smartphones.

The photos also display a very large camera module on the back, whereas the front is very Samsung Galaxy-like, apart from for a square home button on the front. VentureBeat also posted an image of the phone "in the flesh," in which the metal design is even more specious. If the images are genuine, Lenovo's Moto X would join Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and several other companies' flagships that have a metal case. 

There's nothing here in terms of specifications while earlier rumors indicate the phone will have a 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor. 

The upcoming Moto X is expected to be the first Motorola phone in which the new owner Lenovo will have an important role.

In this way, most Motorola smartphones have accompanied a plastic body. Some have also come with other material like rubber silicone, leather, and wood in the form of optional back covers.

The renders demonstrate that the usual Motorola design that used a curved back cover and a body that was thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges is currently gone. Instead, the Moto X 2016 has a design that is more regular and overall much thinner. While, it keeps the incredibly rounded edges that you usually see on the Moto phones. It also sports a metal body, although with the plastic at the bottom and top areas of the back cover.  

Not much is identified about the Moto X 2016 hardware. While, a Moto phone codenamed XT1650 has released a month ago on GeekBench, a website where GeekBench scores are submitted. According to the score on the website, the XT1650 - and it is likely to be the Moto X - was faster than the HTC 10 but slower than the Galaxy S7 in pure theoretical speed. It was sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, although its clock speed of around 1.6GHz was actually lower than the specified speed of the processor.

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