Computer On Your Wrist! This Hack To Boot And Run Windows 95 In Apple Watch

Computer On Your Wrist! This Hack To Boot And Run Windows 95 In Apple Watch

Computer On Your Wrist!

This Hack To Boot And Run Windows 95 In Apple Watch.

The tech world was a very different place in 1995. In those days, a 100MHz processor was considered powerful, the upcoming Copland operating system was going to be Apple’s next big thing, and Windows 95 was going to change everything on the PC side of things.

Developer Nick Lee has  figured out hack a working version of Windows 95 onto his Apple Watch. The utility of this is near to zero — but it is hilarious to watch. It highlights how smart wristwatches like Apple Watch are now as powerful as  desktop computers from the turn of the century. 

Within the video's description, Lee compares the Apple Watch's 512 MB of RAM, 520 MHz processor, and 8GB of inner storage to the meager processor and reminiscence specs provided by '90s computer systems. For comparability, think about that a pretty "highly effective" Apple computer in 1995 provided simply 500 megabytes of onerous drive area. 

And in a Medium post, Lee goes on to explain a few of how he obtained the hack to work, saying, "it’s attainable to patch sure information inside a WatchKit app to load your personal software code moderately than Apple’s."

After the software program is put in it takes about an hour to run, however as we can see the video, good luck getting any real-world use out of it. Just trying to get the menus to work takes repeated finger swipes on a really tiny, specific space of the display.

To get the hack to work, Lee posted the Bochs x86 emulator to the Apple Watch, using a technique that gives user “patch certain files within a WatchKit app to load their own application code rather than Apple’s.” He then dropped a Windows 95 disk image into the app he created to finish the project.

The isn’t the first time Lee ran an old operating system on his Apple Watch: previously He got Mac OS 7.5.5—introduced in 1996—to run on his Watch. Prior to this, you have  also seen intrepid programmers get Windows 95 to run on  a Nintendo 3DS, an Android Wear Smartwatch,and an older-model Android phone.

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