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    Top 5 Free Websites To Schedule Your Tweets

    Top 5 Free Websites To Schedule Your Tweets.
    As we know twitter.com is allow to schedule tweets only for Business or Advertisers account. Today, we are posting some free websites to schedule your tweets.

    If you want to promote such as new product releases or regular updates. In addition, you can use this feature to publish tweets on the weekend, evenings, or other inconvenient times.

    Both organic and promoted-only Tweets can be scheduled for future delivery, and as needed, coordinated to go live with new or existing campaigns.

    Anything that can be calendared in advance can be scheduled, Tweets can be scheduled up.

    1. Tweetdeck

    Tweet deck is the best experience tool to schedule your tweets. We must recommend this tool to use. By using Tweetdeck you can also set your favorite hash tags to get their updates.


    • Create a custom Twitter experience.
    • Organize and build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity and more—all in one interface.
    • Find exactly what you're looking for.
    • Create searches to track topics, events and hashtags. Refine the results with filters.
    • Tweet together.
    • Share an account with your team, without sharing your password. Maintain full control over permissions at all times.

    2. Twuffer
    Twuffer for anyone who has a need to schedule pre-written, post-dated tweets.

    We bet that you'll invent creative uses for Twuffer. Here are a few off the top of our heads:

    • tweet pre-written announcements
    • appointment/milestone reminders
    • run a time-based scavenger hunt
    • notify subscribers about upcoming podcast or video episodes
    • appear to never sleep

    3. Future Tweets
    FutureTweets is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. Send it at a specific time in the future or send a reoccurring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

    4. BUFFER
    Buffer is the easiest way to save time on social media.
    Simplify your social routine by scheduling posts on all of your social media networks.

    5. Tweet4.me

    Just do Sign-up and send us a Direct Message with a prefix that tells us when you want to schedule the Tweet. Its schedule the tweet and when the time comes, will post it for you and send you a push notification via Boxcar.


    We hope this post will helpful to schedule your tweets. Enjoy..!!

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