5 Best Android Apps For Jogging

On this article, you will find some of the best Android apps for jogging and running. Most of them are free, and most of them are also available for other operating systems. Each one will help you to improve your running in some way. Most offer a tracking service, but they also have extra features such as motivational and planning functions. The list is in no particular order as they are all pretty good.

1. MapMyRun

As the name suggests, you can map your running with this app. It is good for people jogging, but works equally well for walkers and bike riders. It has lots of features you can play with, and even has a few post-jogging features you can play with.
You can track things such as your nutrition and potential weight loss. You can keep your times and your distances, and you can create your own activity diary to see just how much you are doing with your daily exercise routine.

It allows you to smarten up your current workouts in order to achieve a little bit more (by monitoring your progress and then changing what you do to suit your goals). You can plan your runs and plan your route, and it has the usual social media network sharing functions that current jogging apps seem compelled to have these days. This means that you may share your progress with others, and there is a leader board that shows whom is doing what with the app, though it doesn't make it clear if cheaters are excluded. For example, did the leader really run all that way? Alternatively, was he using a cycle?

2. Runkeeper

With this app, you get to use your GPS to time your running and keep a track of how well you are doing. You can track where you have been and how far you have run. It is a very sleek app that has a smooth and easy to operate interface. It allows you to track your progress and monitor your average rate.

Your distance will be logged so that you have something to keep once you have finished your running. You can log your goals and watch as you achieve them. There is even a weight loss tracker where you may judge how much weight you have lost based on how many calories you have burned. If you are a bit of a show off, then you can also involve your friends and family in your app so that they may see how much you are running these days.

3. Nike+ Running

This is a free app that helps to coach you as you run. It is based on an earlier and less successful coaching system that used sports equipment to monitor your progress. This On the other hand uses your phone to track your progress, which means like most of the apps on here you are going to need GPS. There is a pedometer as well as a monitor for your speed and distance traveled.

You can share your data with other people so you can show off your progress, and you can see the progress of other people using the app. You can choose motivational songs to help you keep running, and you can set goals and watch as you achieve them.

4. ISmoothRun

You can get this sexy sounding app for free or you can pay for the premium version. It allows you to track your running, but also track a few other sports related activities too. It has workout scheduling, data analysis and the tracking is done via GPS. It has a lot of features, which also include the obligatory social features where you may show off your achievements with others.

5. Endomondo

There is a free and a paid version for this app, and it often quoted as having unparalleled tracking capabilities. This has come about because of the features it has. You can track your overall running progress and see how well you have done compared to your previous personal bests. You can take photos, video or audio on your route and tag it as you run.

You can look up data on popular jogging routes and plan your run before you set up. It gives you pep talks as you run in order to help you push a little further, and you can have it read messages to you. It allows you to make your running a social event or a single person activity. You can keep tabs on how your friends are doing and see their progress too.

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