The Concept of Gamification In Casino Games And What It Seeks To Achieve

Concept of Gamification In Casino Games

With modern graphic advances in gaming, slot machines and other casinos games are starting to feel like video

games. Developers are concerned with making their games even more enticing, while at the same time, preserving the original idea of how casino games are meant to look and feel like. Because of the competition and need to attract more users, some developers have even introduced trailers to announce the launch of a new slot machine. This is to get users talking due to the curiosity that comes with this kind of promotion.

Fortunately, all is not in vain. New casino titles are becoming more complex by the day. It appears that the gamification concept is warming up for the big trend that is yet to shape the online casino industry in general.

Consequently, the idea of gamification has seen modern video slots having a lot of similarities to popular games on the internet. A good example is Candy Crash, a Facebook game where users have to create a winning combination of candy symbols in order for them to advance to the next level. Since the social platform has well over 100 million users, it's safe to conclude that most people are familiar with the game.

The use of enticing visual effects when goals are met

Video games share a lot of similarities with slot games. The most common ones are represented in terms of audio and visual rewards. When a player gets involved, they have to complete a series of challenges or goals using the available resources. And when a player meets these goals, they are congratulated using special sounds and visual elements.

The use of these elements have been researched and found to be very stimulating to the brain pleasure receptors. They give a sense of achievement to the player. That is just part of the reason why video games have been popular in the recent past, and still are today.

You see, when playing video games, these reward gestures signal finishing a mission, leveling up, acquiring new items and so on. However, when used in the context of video slots, then the sound of coins dropping is a classic example. As a result, players have been accustomed to these sounds and the winning combinations that trigger them.

Monetary rewards

The best online casinos will have premium slot games in store for you. But whereas these audio and animated elements are good for boosting your morale, getting paid is even better.

This is the biggest advantage of playing slot machines. There is real monetary reward that is involved for every win.

But on the other hand, video games use various in-game currencies for purposes of rewarding their players. These currencies might not necessarily be in form of cash. But they still offer special benefits to avid players of these games. For instance, players may use those benefits to acquire more resources which can go a long way into spicing up the gameplay.

We have also seen video games using the concept of random chance. In the example of Candy Crush, we see that players sometimes get close to acquiring the number of points needed to move to the next level, then something happens and they all of a sudden have to start again. Basically, these gaming elements are purposely incorporated into both video games and slot machines to keep players playing some more.

Progressive nature of slot machines

Video games use the idea of progression by introducing various levels. In slot machines, we see progressive slot games coming up as well. A good example would be the Aliens slot machine. The game is set up in 3 different locations. And for players to win, they must select winning combination of items. These changes only point to the fact that slot machines are adapting the idea of video games to keep players entertained and playing longer. Therefore, the gamification of these slot machines will only serve the purpose of making it extremely hard to point out differences between slot machines and video games.

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