2016’s Hottest Smartphones To Look Out For

Hottest Smartphones

2016’s Hottest Smartphones To Look Out For

Despite recent sales figures suggesting that smartphone sales may have peaked, there’s been no slowing down amongst the tech giants in their bid to create the most iconic smartphone of 2016.

We’ve already seen some notable releases from some familiar faces like the Samsung Galaxy S7, but there also look to be a few interesting newcomers who’ve endeavoured to provide us all with palm-sized solutions to communicating, watching media and even playing online games.

Sony Xperia X

The tech giant Sony have struggled to keep up with Samsung and Apple with their middling Xperia smartphones. But this month has seen the release of the Xperia X that looks to elevate the brand’s presence in the smartphone market due to the inclusion of some pretty convincing features.

These include a new ‘unified design’, an excellent fingerprint sensor and a quality Full HD five-inch screen at an agreeable price. And with a seriously-impressive SteadyShot camera feature, it looks like Sony have made a strong addition to the mid-priced smartphone market.

OnePlus 3

However, it’s the ever-secretive OnePlus that could provide the surprise smartphone hit of the summer with the OnePlus 3. Already recent leaks have managed to achieve an enviable level of press thanks to the device’s slim and lightweight design that’s still capable of packing in a 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 16MP camera on the front and an 8MP camera on the back.

Further interesting features include the prospect of a massive 3500mAh battery that should be particularly well-suited to a range of media options, whether it’s binge-watching the latest Netflix series or playing blackjack online at Betway.com that features a large range of casino games directly targeted towards the mobile gamer.

Apple iPhone 7

But it’s definitely the Apple iPhone 7 that will cause the greatest amount of headlines in 2016. After the relatively underwhelming release of the iPhone SE earlier this year, the brand will be doing their utmost to deliver a smartphone that’s capable of sustaining Apple’s legendary reputation for innovative design. 

So far most of the rumors about the iPhone 7 have been regarding the elimination of a headphone socket. But other intriguing speculation suggests that the device will include a revolutionary camera with multiple sensors for advanced photographic capacities. And with the further prospect of the iPhone 7 having no button, it’s not just online blackjack players who’ll be a little confused by the possibilities of this hugely-anticipated smartphone.

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