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    Why Virtual Reality Is The Future of Mobile Gaming

    Why Virtual Reality Is The Future of Mobile Gaming

    Why Virtual Reality Is The Future of Mobile Gaming

    Virtual Reality is the 'new kid on the block' in the technological world of online gaming and we could be seeing these games on mobile devices much sooner than originally expected. 

    If nothing else, virtual reality games are maturing into one of the top markets in the modern era and gaming fans are rapidly becoming obsessed with the latest editions of these particular games.

    Various organisations, including Sony, are now jumping on the virtual reality hype-train and that can only mean positive things for the future of VR. Only time will tell but virtual reality games are about to hit mobile devices and it's difficult to imagine they will fail.

    As with most technologies, mobile phone applications and games have flourished and developed over the years. There are now apps for everything from mobile casinos to discovering local Indian restaurants - advancements in technology have allowed users to create applications and functions that can help people complete day-to-day tasks.

    However, apps and online games are about much more than just efficiency. They are also designed to entertain and excite and developments in VR will certainly help to appeal to new and existing mobile gamers.

    "Virtual Reality Demonstrations" (CC BY 2.0) by  UTKnightCenter
    One of the most popular mobile games is Angry Birds. Now, picture the scene, you can physically play Angry Birds via virtual reality technologies from the comfort of your own home but YOU are in control. These kind of developments have been coming for a while, for example the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect both tested the market and showed that these devices would certainly be welcomed.
    In addition, mobile casinos and online virtual games are also designed to suit VR. Just imagine taking your seat at an online roulette table and enhancing your own game experience of feeling like you're in a genuine casino environment - it's mind-blowing. As is potentially playing FIFA or another football game against people from all over the world in what would be a true test of your own ability on a football field.

    According to many recent forecasts, the world of virtual reality is only going to grow even further - and at a faster rate. Right now, VR is growing but there are set to be 171 million users of VR games by 2018. Furthermore, revenue from virtual reality headsets and head-mounted displays for gameplay will grow from $685 million (2015) to $3.89 BILLION in 2018.

    That is a phenomenal increase considering the short time span and shows just how popular these new technologies is. After all, it gives a completely new and unique insight into the world of online gaming. And it's going to be available on mobile phones... wow.

     Mobile gaming is on the rise and virtual reality will only help to promote these functions. Applications are, and have been for quite some time, now almost regarded as an everyday part of life.
    Eventually, VR games will dominate the market and even mobile devices - which were incredibly basic just a decade or so ago - will accommodate those who want to enjoy virtual reality on the move. After all, we all dream of controlling our own destiny on our mobile games, right? Give it five years and VR will be the market leader in online, console AND mobile gaming.

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