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    Apple TV – A Cut Above The Rest

    All the biggest names in entertainment are available direct off Apple TV, with top-tier games readily available. Play a game of roulette from the comforts of home!

    Apple TV is fast becoming the go to solution for people seeking an all-round entertainment extravaganza. It is loaded with the very latest blockbuster movies, TV shows and sports channels. Beyond that, it is fully customised to a user's specific interests. These include music, photos and videos. 

    Multiple new channels are regularly being added, with top TV shows, complete seasons of sports and more. But perhaps the biggest draw card of the all-new Apple TV rests with its gaming functionality. In this vein, players will be able to access the App Store with an intuitive and exciting gaming console built right in. 

    Apple has taken a cue from PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in trying to compete with a game-crazed audience around the world. Now, it's entirely possible to enjoy your favorite casino games like American Roulette from the comforts of home, direct off your Apple TV. This exciting game features the 0 and 00, for a total of 38 numbers to wager on and big winning potential to boot. For a fully digital living room, games are indispensable!

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