Google Unveils “Helpouts”

Google Unveils Helpouts. Live Video Support, anytime, anywhere. 

Help outs is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help, over live video, anytime, anywhere. Google unveils Helpouts, its latest service; to connect people who need help to people who can give help.

The latest product from Google promises help to people who need it and making money by helping people. This would be a P2P communication, over video chats. Google aims to utilize its social networking and video chatting utility, Google+ and Hangout in an efficient way.

This service is not yet live. But Google is finding and inviting experts and professionals who can help other people who are in need. So users can get Real help from Real people in Real Time. And this is what they aim at. Vendors providing assistance can also include their introductory video of help they will be providing with people you need their assistance.
Google is inviting experts and professionals from Art & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health & Nutrition, Health & Counselling, Home & Garden, and Others. To make trusted professionals are available to consumers, Google is currently working with Hire Right, to check up vendor’s background. Google will analyse the qualification of the vendor. The vendors need to enter their skills, availability, qualifications, and pricing to make it easier for Google to match them.

It is not yet confirmed that the service will be completely paid or free, but it is rumored to be a mixture of both. The vendor can choose to assist the consumer at a price of his own. The payment will be handled by Google WalletTM, and will take 20% of the amount for itself. The support service of course requires a Google+ account, and will be available for desktop browsers, Android, and iOS. Google is also promising 100% cashback to unhappy customers.

It’s time to get technology to the next level; get real assistance, from real people in real time.

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