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    Mobile And Tablet Gambling Providers Look To The Future

    The mobile casino has arrived and the market is attracting new online players every day, from every country in the world, from Australia to the UK. It is creating quite a stir in the online market and just about every provider of online gaming is seeking to get a piece of the action. A mobile and tablet gambling summit was just held in the Royal Garden Hotel in London’s Kensington High Street with talks and presentations by over 20 of the biggest names in the field. The main topics discussed give a powerful insight into how mobile gambling will develop over the coming years.
    Providers are seeking ways in which to provide continuity with their current online casinos, yet at the same time creating a significantly different mobile experience. One of their biggest concerns is whether they need an app, how to develop it and how to get apps approved for Apple devices. Currently there is no general agreement as to whether the best approach is with an app with HTML5. There are significant differences in development costs as well as with user experience. With interactive gaming being predicted to hit $30 billion this year, and with a very large proportion of this coming from casino games, casinos are trying to find ways to make their mobile products stand out from the crowd and take advantage of the mobile platforms on which they are played. There will also be speakers from the smartphone and tablet manufacturers who will indicate how these devices are expected to develop over the coming years. In the UK 3 million people have tablets and providers are seeking the best games to play on tablets and the best games to play on phones; they could well be different. There are always regional favourites, like Australian online blackjack, but classics are still doing well. There is certainly a big push for bingo, and most of the big brands will soon have mobile bingo sites. The game attracts a different and mainly female demographic form other casino games, and it is perceived that the market is potentially huge.

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